Win Mar Cabins
1535 S. Hwy 24
Twin Lakes, Colorado 81251
Phone: (719) 486-0785
1 800 6WINMAR
(800 694-6627)

Win Mar Storage
Phone: (719) 239-0381


Win Mar Cabins

We are located at the intersection of Highways 24 & 82 between the towns of Buena Vista and Leadville at the turnoff to Aspen. The Win Mar Cabins were built in the 1950's. Six of our cabins were constructed on the property. The remaining four were moved here from the edge of Twin Lakes when the dam was being constructed in the early 70's. Our cabins are rustic, yet clean and cozy with all the conveniences of home--fully-equipped kitchens, hot showers, and fresh linens.

Cool Temperatures at 9100 feet above sea level make for a comfortable visit!

History of Balltown (from "Ghost Towns, Colorado Style" by Kenneth Jessen)

Ball Town was originally called Lake Creek Station by the Denver & Rio Grande. Trains stopped to let passengers off for the trip to Twin Lakes. A wooden sign suspended between two poles read “Twin Lakes” and originally marked the location. William H. Ball and his wife worked a placer claim and lived near there. When travelers became stranded at the station, the Balls took them in as guests. Eventually, they constructed guest cabins, and Mrs. Ball served fresh trout dinners. A hack provided service between the resort hotels at Twin lakes and Ball Town. A round trip cost $3, relatively high for a time when a day’s wages could be far less. There are guest cabins at the site today, and the tradition established a century ago continues...